About Christien Oudshoorn

I’m a facilitator in heart and soul, fascinated by groups and how people interact. I’m intrigued by the question why collaborations can be such synergetic and inspiring experiences at certain times, and such frustrating torments at others. And how we can influence that process.

What is normal?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve closely experienced different cultures and contexts. I have lived in 10 different countries and love to be puzzled by the different ways in which groups end up answering universal human questions, like ‘what is normal? ‘How do we deal with different opinions?’, ‘How do we distribute power?’, etcetera.

Different countries and contexts

After my Master in Intercultural Communication, I started working in The Netherlands as a facilitator and (team)coach. I had a specific interest in leadership development, teamwork and diversity & inclusion. In 2010 I moved to Latin America, where I co-founded the Che Amigo foundation. I have initiated and led large scale leadership development projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Surinam. I’ve had the privilege of working with young leaders in marginalized suburbs of Buenos Aires and La Paz, I have run conflict programs in high security prisons and have done several leadership-development-programs with indigenous leaders in The Amazon.

How insights from all over the world can benefit our local organizations

When I returned to Europe, I felt a strong urge to do something with all the experiences I had had in different countries and contexts. I believe that whatever problems we human beings are facing, at any specific time, they have already been faced and dealt with by someone else, somewhere in the world. If we let ourselves be inspired by their stories, we become more capable of finding creative and sustainable solutions to whatever is bothering us.

Freedom and connection

Currently I’m living on the Northside of Amsterdam. I have a strong need for freedom, but also for connection. Therefor I really enjoy working as a self-employed professional, but I’m also happy and grateful to be an associate partner to the incredible team of Human Dimensions. Also, I’ve been committed for years as an associate to the amazing Canada-based organization Anima Leadership. Presently, I’m collaborating in a group of intelligent idealists to create a sustainable living-community in IJburg, in the east of Amsterdam. In my free time I like to get out into nature. I love biking, swimming, running and climbing.

International project

Though I’m based in The Netherlands, I very much enjoy doing international projects. I work in Dutch, English, Spanish and French.

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